With the rise in popularity of WordPress as the platform of choice for building websites, so too is the rise of hackers and malicious code wrecking thousands of websites daily, causing needless heartache, frustration and loss of profits.

If you are a web designer, you probably know of the panic a hacked website causes your clients, not to mention the hours of wasted time and money to fix the damage caused, if in fact the site is recoverable.

Fortunately it is simple, with a few easy to implement steps, to secure your WordPress websites against such attacks. Several of the steps don’t require any technical knowledge and can be implemented immediately.

This Guide will show you 30 critical things to do to secure your WordPress Website, including:

  • Top 5 Security Plugins
  • What Themes to use and what Themes to definitely avoid
  • How to avoid being compromised through a Public WiFi
  • See who is trying to break in yo your website, in real time…and lock them out immediately
  • The #1 way hackers get into your site (this will surprise you – it is not what you8 think!)
  • 7 areas to secure right away

To Secure your WordPress website now, simply enter your email and download it immediately.

If you need any advice or help with a hacked website or security you can contact us on the next page.

30 Point Check List To Better WordPress Security

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Nik Cree

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P.S. Stay tuned because over the next few weeks I will be posting how to videos for each of the points on the presentation.